Romy Shiller



Romy Shiller is a pop culture critic and holds a PhD in Drama from the University of Toronto. Her academic areas of concentration include film, gender performance, camp and critical thought. She lives in Montreal where she continues her writing. All books are available online.


I am compiling some of my articles into a book.

I have a PhD from the University of Toronto. My doctoral thesis was “A Critical Exploration of Cross-Dressing and Drag in Gender Performance and Camp in Contemporary North American Drama and Film.” 

According to the book‘Third Wave Feminism and Television: JanePuts it in a Box’ (I.B.Tauris, 2007) by the head of women’s studies at South-Carolina University, I am a third wave feminist.I am quoted extensively for my article on the television show Queer As Folk (Fab Magazine, Number 213, April 23, 2003, 12-17.)

I have three books, ‘You Never Know: A Memoir’  (2008, Trafford), ‘Again’ (2009, Trafford), ‘Who Knew?’ (2010, Trafford). Reviews are on my website.

I am included in the Bibliography of Theatre History in Canada.

My articleDrag King invasion: taking back the throne (CTR, Volume: 86, Spring 1996, Pages: 24-28.) is in the book: ‘Camp: Queer Aesthetics and the Performing Subject’(University of Michigan Press, 1999) which as the promotional material states, “addresses the multilayered issue of camp, whose inexhaustible breadth of reference and theoretical relevance to the issues taken up by academic research in recent years…” In a very lucky way my work has been appropriated by the gay community.

I am in an issue (Fall ’08) of U of T Magazine.

My book You Never Know: A Memoir (Trafford, 2008) and story are at CBC News Sunday.

I’m reviewed as the feature artist for the August 2008 issue of Lipstik Indie

A pop culture critic, I wrote articles for magazines as diverse as FAB and Canadian Theatre Review.   

I write film reviews at Live For Films.

I had acted in a television series on YTVcalled System Crash.

In addition to having a PhD from the University of Toronto, I have an MA from there as well. My BA is from McGill. One of my articles has been translated into Italian and is used to teach a University course on Communications. A separate article is taught at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta. It has been chosen to be included in a book. I have been on the same course syllabus as Simone de Beauvoir.  

Twitter: RomyShiller


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