Romy Shiller

Team Live for Films – October highs and lows…

In Team Live For Films on November 5, 2012 at 1:05 pm

October has gone and November is here and V masks are donned ready for this evenings festivities. With that in mind here are some of Team Live for Films talking about their favourite movie moments of the past month and what they are looking forward to in November.

First up is me.

Phil Edwards

Highs:October was the month of James Bond. He turned 50 and also had Skyfall which has had the biggest opening for any Bond film ever.I thought nothing would be able to steal its thunder. Then came news that a certain Mouse had bought the Jedi and the Internet exploded.This made me put on the original trilogy and my daughter watched them for the first time and loved them. This led to drawings of Darth Vader and Yoda.Killing Them Softly was a great film with Brad Pitt doing amazing work. Cockneys vs Zombieswas a lot better than I thought it would be and a good film to watch with a group of friends.Other than that we had some great reviews from the London Film Festival (check them out here) and 31 Days of Horrorscared us on a daily basisLows:

I didn’t actually get to see many films in October.

Next month:

I cannot wait to see Argo and Rise of the Guardians.

Adam Truscott


    • SkyFall. Genuinely brilliant.
    • Paranormal 4. Genuinely OK.
    • Sinister. Genuinely excellent… (Until last ten). Still possible soundtrack of the year, mind.
    • Killing Them Softly. Top three of 2012, For’ sure.

At Home;

  • Indiana Jones Blu Ray box set. Prom/Avengers/Wrath owned in 3D.
  • Realising Copland was out on Blu.
  • Being able to dance to Rock Of Ages in my pants, and not be judged


  • SkyFall. Sheep.
  • Paranormal 4. Guy I went with turned and said: “I had my eyes closed. What happened?”, during last five.
  • Sinister. Last ten. Worst ending to a movie ever?

At Home;

  • No wifi for two weeks. (Possibly worse than not living.)
  • Not being very good at dancing in my pants.

Romy Shiller

Highs: Cloud Atlas. It is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea though.
Lows: Didn’t see enough films for a low.
In November I’m looking forward to Anna Karenina and Lincoln.

Mike Williams

Highs:SKYFALL! Brilliant stuff. Plus the sheer amount of horror films that it felt right to watch because of Halloween. Ended up going for the likes of [REC] and both EVIL DEAD films. LFF was also my highlight. Wasn’t prolific by any means, but managed about 12 films in the full week I was there, which included gems like RUST AND BONE, but more specifically, sci-fier, ROBOT & FRANK, and a wonderful French animation called ERNEST AND CELESTINE, which were both marvellous and my LFF highlights!Lows: FRANKENWEENIE for me. It wasn’t great.

Paul Jonze

For me, October has been a bit of a quiet month at the cinema.Of course, the cinema has been dominated by monster themed movies for adults and kids alike. The high for me this month has been Sinister. Initially, I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it knowing it was from the makers of Insidious, a film that just seemed a regurgitating greatest hits of a lot of horror films of the 2000s. But, it was genuinely pretty scary in places and pretty enjoyable to watch. The only downside was the last ten minutes, all of which I think was pretty obvious and a greater twist would have been better appreciated.The low for me was Paranormal Activity 4. I loved the first film when it was released, and am in the minority of people who actually really enjoyed the second instalment. But the last two, in particular the most recent that currently appears to be boring people at the cinema have totally missed the mark. It seems full of cheap imitation tricks stolen from the first one. Not doing it for me.The big news of the month has been Disney taking over the Star Wars films and subsequently the news of a 7th instalment in 2015. This is pretty exciting stuff and I’m curious to see what they add. As long as Jar Jar isn’t even referenced to, then I’m gonna be one happy chappy. I am however looking forward to a new generation of heroes and villains in the ever expanding Star Wars universe.

Stephen Bowron

Highs: I’m pretty certain everyone will have the London Film Festival on their lists this month. The LFF had some great films and Rashida Jones’ ‘Celeste & Jesse Forever‘ was definitely my favourite. Everyone blathers on about how ‘Bridesmaids’ is a landmark film for the “real woman” but ‘C&JF’ is far superior. I can’t wait for it to come out in cinemas. Another high was the Iron Man 3trailer. It seems to have come and gone just like that, but for those two minutes and six seconds it ran for we were all more excited for it than we ever were for Christmas as children.Lows: I never got to see Argo at LFF. I have only used my Cineworld card once this month. I wasn’t as impressed as everyone else by ‘Looper‘, which is disappointing as I am a huge fan of Rhian Johnson.Looking forward to: I have never been a Bond fan but I’d quite like to catch Skyfall. I am also very much looking forward to Alec Baldwin as a Russian Santa in this month’s ‘Legend Of The Guardians‘.

Jackson Ball

Highs: The obvious one has to be Skyfall. Everyone involved was on top form and Craig has cemented himself as a more than worthy Bond. Also love how the last half hour is basically Home Alone!I also really enjoyed Frankenweenie. It reminded that once you strip away all the hype and lunacy, Tim Burton is a genuinely good filmmaker. It’s easy to forget that sometimes. Frankenweenie was funny, clever and bags full of fun.Lows: Paranormal Activity 4. What a waste of time an energy that was. Made me angry at myself, because I knew going in it was going to be bad, but I still got burned. Just awful.Low/Possible High: The whole Disney making Stars Wars thing. Initially, I have to say I am mortified, but I’ve been quick to judge and been wrong before (see: Heath Ledger cast as the Joker).

Maria Alexopoulos

Highs: I have been anticipating the release of Taken 2, for quite sometime now – having been blow away by the first one. The sequel did not disappoint with deep characters, coupled with a rich plot that left you on the edge of your seat. Aside from a few over-the-top action sequences the film was a big win for me.Lows: Yeah, um sorry but Frankenweenie, bit the proverbial wiener…and I mean that with all due respect. I have always been a fan of stop-motion, but there is something off-putting, not to mention down right disturbing about a dog with sown-on-flesh. Sorry kids, but this one just didn’t do it for me. It did have its clever moments, but still I left the film thinking ‘YUCK’.

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