Romy Shiller


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A woman with a voice is by definition a strong woman. But the search to find that voice can be remarkably difficult.’ – Melinda Gates

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‘You Never Know: A Memoir’:

Romy Shiller, a medical mystery, not only tells the story of her brain surgery, lengthy coma and Akinetic Mutism, but she muses about reality, death, time, popular culture, psychic phenomena and dreams.

‘Who Knew?’ is a continuation of Romy Shiller’s book ‘You Never Know: A Memoir.’ Romy applies her previous interest and scholarly work on the body to her new physical reality.

‘Again’ – An exploration of reincarnation:

Again combines an academic exploration of reincarnation with real-life experiences. Using as a basis the altered reality of quantum physics, Romy Shiller extrapolates. It is for everyone. More than anything it is an insightful philosophy on life.

“Loving your book Romy. I’m reading it very slow as there is just so much to consume that is fierce. I love your analysis.”

Daniel Paquette writes fab magazine


Brain Angles:

Inspiring story of a courageous woman overcoming obstacles to get her life back.”

I also found this:

Transforming the way people living with disabilities communicate, share, and grow.

Um, more…Shiller’s “Disability Drag” Concept Changes Disability Stereotypes

You Never Know: A Memoir, is about Romy Shiller, a Canadian writer and critic, was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2003… In the past six years, she has done much to confound doctors’ expectations.

Disability Drag
Having studied and worked in performance art of various kinds before her disability, Shiller is inclined to see similarities between her experience and the sort of pop culture entertainment that she wrote about for her doctoral thesis in drama. Performers in drag shows project an image that subverts “societal norms,” says Shiller. A physical disability projects an image, too, and it’s often one that society interprets in a negative light.
“Disability drag” is Shiller’s phrase for the way courageous people with disabilities can make society rethink its ideas about body image, identity, and personal growth. “Cyborg drag” is her term for living with a permanent shunt to drain excess fluid from her brain. She is part human, part machine, she says, and this gives her another rare insight into conventional ideas about what it means to be human…

I’m referred to in:   A CLASS ACT: Ryan Landry and the Politics of Booger Drag by Karen C. Krahulik Copyright 2008 by Duke University Princeton

Alumnotes: McGill University

Great gifts idea:

Bibliography of Theatre History in Canada

Author: Shiller, Romy
Title: Drag King invasion: taking back the throne
CTR, Volume: 86
Pages: 24-28
Greater Toronto Drag King Society / / Performance Art

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