Romy Shiller

Again – an exploration of reincarnation

In book on September 8, 2012 at 9:21 am

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The mysteries of reincarnation are explored…

Again (ISBN: 978-1-4251-8481-0 ) combines an academic exploration of reincarnation with real-life experiences. Using as a basis the altered reality of quantum physics, Shiller extrapolates. It is for everyone. More than anything it is an insightful philosophy on life.
Reincarnation is an interesting concept. To Romy Shiller reincarnation is both entertaining and scholarly. Shiller brings together various sources on reincarnation. Psychic abilities are the so-called “icing on the cake.” Shiller often uses her own examples as a part of the exploration: In this case we are talking about subjectivity. Any distance or objectivity is absolutely questionable.

Shiller is at once researcher and subject of focus. Shiller philosophizes what she has come to know. Her take on Life is unique and interesting. Shiller’s perspective adds something valuable rather than detracts or takes away from reincarnation. Beyond her area of concentration, Shiller often extrapolates and comments on the experience. Not only that but Shiller has invented her own rules for reincarnation. Shiller has coined certain terms like species-jewelry and her take on distinct aspects of reincarnation absolutely goes against popular suggestion.

Shiller aligns quantum mechanical ideas with reincarnation. Her perspective on Time should make a few people uncomfortable. Ideas of the body are challenging to the reader and go against what most people take for granted. The nature of History is put into question. How Shiller personally negotiates shifts and fluctuations in her own life is remarkable to some.
In the midst of an eclectic career as a Toronto writer, academic, actress and Communications Director for an animation school, Romy Shiller was diagnosed with a brain tumour and lapsed into a post-surgery coma that lasted five months. She finally emerged from the darkness stricken with Akinetic Mutism-a partial paralysis that made it very difficult to move or talk-but still possessed her enthusiastic intellect and zest for life. One of her team of doctors and physiotherapists called her survival a “medical mystery,” one she sought to explore during her painstaking rehabilitation. Typing with “one bent finger,” Shiller created her previous book You Never Know: A Memoir (Trafford Publishing), her musings on illness, rehab, pop culture, dreams and psychic phenomena. Applying her unique philosophy to her new physical reality, Shiller is a witty, fascinating and inspirational guide through life’s most severe twists.
Like a mirror, Shiller hopes to reflect back to each person reading Again what is possible. We can overcome what seems like odds stacked against us. When one feels like they have no choice, find out what you do have available.
Before her brain tumour diagnosis, Shiller enjoyed an offbeat career. A pop culture critic, she wrote articles for magazines as diverse as FAB and Canadian Theatre Review. Having studied drag for her PhD in Drama, Shiller enjoyed performance and had acted in a television series on YTV called System Crash.
More about Romy Shiller: In addition to having a PhD from the University of Toronto, she has an MA from there as well. Her BA is from McGill. One of her articles has been translated into Italian and is used to teach a University course on Communications. A separate article is taught at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta. It has been chosen to be included in a book. She has been on the same course syllabus as Simone de Beauvoir. In the fabulous book Third Wave Feminism and Television by the head of women’s studies at South-Carolina University, Romy Shiller is heavily quoted as a third wave feminist.

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